A Bottle Story

Donna sent an email….We don’t often hear what happens with our bottles.
Below is an email she received with the story of one of the bottles.

Subject: My bottle of hope
I received my bottle in August 2015. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2015 and was receiving treatment.
I was participating in the tough mudder one week after a double mastectomy and met Cam Brown on the course. We instantly bonded as she was doing the tough mudder to honor her mom.

Cam Brown gave me her mother’s bottle of hope.
Her mother was Gracelyn Murphy who passed away 10/15/06 from breast cancer.
I still have my bottle of hope and I carry it continuously.

God bless,

A Much Loved Bottle of Hope

Email from Dee Dee

From: Dee Dee
Sent: Sunday, June 4, 2017
To: [email protected]

First of all, thank you for starting and maintaining this organisation! I selected my own Bottle of Hope from a lovely case of offerings at my oncology clinic in 2014 while undergoing daily treatment (8 months!) for a rare type of Leukemia. My beautiful little bottle became the safe keeper of hopes, dreams and even fears, scribbled on little pieces of paper or discovered in fortune cookies during my recovery.

I am three years cured and have since given two Bottles of Hope to friends facing their own cancer challenges. They loved them.

I would like to donate some small glass bottles to the Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota, who supplies the Bottles of Hope in my area. However, I cannot find any contact information on their website. Do you happen to have contact info for them, or could you forward this to someone associated with this group?

Thank you in advance for any help or guidance you can provide.

Best regards,
Dee Dee

I’ve attached some photos of my Bottle of Hope, taken on the day I brought it home (a really low point in my treatment).


Bottle of Hope that Dee Dee got during treatment made by the Polymer Clay Guild of Minnesota

Dee Dee’s bottle with the saying “What Cancer Cannot do…”