Make Bottles

We use small glass bottles (about 2-3″ tall) from treatment centers or other small bottles such as those for contact lenses.
Bottles can also be purchased from American Science & Surplus
If the bottle has a metal cap, it can be removed with tin snips, and the rubber stopper can be saved or a stopper of clay can be constructed.

Any method can be used to cover the bottles. Try rolling out a thin sheet of clay and wrapping it around the bottle.Then decorate it with thin slices of clay “canes”, or sculpt additions of flowers, leaves, animals, etc. You could texture the clay with lace, stamps, or tools.
The clay covered bottle should be baked according to the clay manufacturers’ directions (usually 250-275 degrees F for 20-30 minutes). Bake without the top in place because air inside will expand!
For directions with pictures please visit PC Polyzine and read their March 2004 Issue. More information about BOH is also on their website in the Feb and other issues.   Polyzine BOH Article   Polyzine Website

Another place to go for information is Glass Attic

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