Emails From Chris

Here’s an email sent to our BOH Coordinator:
(first email from Chris)
I just stumbled upon some articles about the bottles of hope program and would love to make some for my mom who is a breast cancer surviver and several other people I know who are also battling different cancers. As a blind individual, working with polymer clay is a way for me to express my creativity and I’m always looking for something new and different to try. I’ve been making other small items (keychains, magnets, etc) for an animal shelter which they use in their raffle gift baskets at fund raising events. I love sharing my craft with others and bringing smiles to their faces, so I really think this bottles of hope program is a wonderful idea. Sincerely, Chris N
(second email)
I’ve attached a few pics of the bottle I did for my mom. I used a glass spice bottle so its not exactly the same as what you do but the idea is the same. I inserted a short poem that I wrote about her battle with breast cancer and then copied the Bottles of Hope story from your web site to go along with it so she would understand the story. I’ll be giving it to her this week so I’m anxious to see what her reaction is as this is the first one I’ve done. I hope the pictures of it came out OK. As I said, I’m totally blind, fairly new to polymer clay, and completely self-taught so far.
Sincerely, Chris N

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